Startup Center Intellection

We are going to make our country famous by building first Kazakh "IT-unicorn"

Our vision - Build a first Kazakh worldwide center of IT products for world market

Our mission - We will make our country famous through the creation of technological products at the junction of innovative solutions.

Our strategy:

1) Bring innovations to the traditional businesses.

2) Create products using the latest achievements of the industry.

Our aim - Building the first Kazakh Unicorn

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Our team

The brightest and youngest team of the world-class experts. With all our achievements, the main thing for us is to be good.


Bakhytzhan Baizhikenov

CEO, iOS and Android Developer

Winner of the gold medal at IOI, finalist of ACM-ICPC. He worked in IMO.IM (Palo Alto, USA) and (London, UK). Founder of Intellection and Intellection Studio

Galym Chuashev


The businessman, the investor. Owner of several successful business projects in Kazakhstan. Founder of the Intellection Studio company.

Ilyas Isatayev

Product Inventor

The businessman, the investor. Founder of the network of fitness centers Invictus, Crossfit Astana,supermarkets A2, Shoreditch restaurant.
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Almas Akchabayev

CTO, Full stack developer

The developer and technical manager of our projects. He is fond of programming and new brands in development. Came to us from the world of finance.
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Anuar Zhaksylykbayev

VR, Android and iOS Developer

She studies in the CDS. Member of NFactorialIncubator. Has created more than 5 mobile applications. Recently retrained as a VR developer.
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Damir Bektilov


The youngest member of our team. Very quickly learned the main trends in design. Works in Intellection because he does not want to join the army :)
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Aizhan Yesekina


Studied graphic design at London College of Communication. Can sing beautifully and play the guitar. The founder of the AquaPoint project.
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Asel Kasembekova

Frontend Developer

Previously, worked for Price Waterhouse Cooper. Now she is fond of web development. Often she works until late time.
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Dariga Baibulsinova

Video Creator

Handyman. Creates beautiful videos for Intellection, writes blog posts and even knows how to create mobile application designs and code.
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Gulsum Baizhikenova


The general manager and the person of our company. You can ask her about any incomprehensible question or request. Engaged in business development and marketing. He wants to learn how to "design".
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Adilkhan Kenzhetayev

Mobile and Web Developer

A modest developer of mobile and WEB applications. He writes on React-Native and wants to learn Machine Learning, so that artificial intelligence is going to write a code for him.
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Bayurzhan Alzhanov

VR, WEB and Android Developer

Has a lot of experience in developing Android applications. Recently he learned how to develop VR technologies in Unity. Also knows the Web and React well.
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Yerkezhan Zhenisova

iOS Developer, Teacher and Sales Manager

IOS developer and part-time marketer. Teaches distance courses and records video lessons. Can draw beautiful things on the iPad
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Sultan Bukharbay

Web, iOS and Android Developer

Member of NFactorialIncubator. Is able to program mobile applications and Web technologies. He loves to joke and come to work before everyone else.