Become a mobile application developer

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Why our course?

The path of a mobile application developer always begins with the idea of ​​creating your own unique application. We can not know what your idea is, but, we can give all the necessary tools to make your dream come true.

In our course you will create 10 new applications for your portfolio, learn the basics of programming in Swift, Java or React-native, learn how to store code on Github, learn how to download applications on the Apple Store and Google Play, and start your server for data storage In the cloud. Our teachers at the pen will guide you from the idea of ​​the application to its launch in the mobile application market. The course is designed for users without programming experience, and for those who already know the basics of programming. For those who are already familiar with the development of mobile applications on iOS and Android, we have a complicated course on cross-platform development of React-Native.

  • Develop thing in an environments like Xcode, Android Studio or Atom
  • to program in languages like Java, Swift or Javascript
  • create your own applications
  • Download the application on the Apple Store or Google Play
  • and the opportunity to land a job
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