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Why our one-to-one course?

Programmers are hackers, but they are also builders. We love programming. And we love dreaming about success. We believe that one day our dreams will come true. And we also think, that everybody has a nice idea about potentially successful technology. We want to give you tools to test that idea. Our Individual courses are designed to take you from an idea to Apple Store or Google Play. During the course you will create 10 mobile apps together with us.

You will also have challenging tasks by improving these apps and adding something of your own. Our instructors are currently employed programmers and they will give only relevant and actual information about latest development trends. Course assumes no-programming experience. For our experienced clients we have developed advanced React-Native course.

Each lesson is a 120 minute Skype or Google Hangout call. Each course has 24 lessons.

  • Xcode, Android Studio and Atom for React/React-Native
  • Java, Swift and Javascript
  • create 10 mobile apps and one of your own
  • launch a website, upload to Google Play, upload to Apple Store
  • employment possibility
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We love programming, new technologies, and even believe that we all live in VR

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